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Välillä huomasin, että jos treenasimme Julièn kanssa paljon, sen maha meni sekaisin. Kuin tilauksesta Nutrolin® lanseerasi GUT & FLORAN!

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We had the most adorable visitors today when the office dog, Lina, brought her five girls to meet her human coworkers 💚At five weeks, the puppies were keen to explore the new surroundings but were also able to nap when tiredness got overwhelming 😍Amazing, clever puppies, who have gotten Nutrolin PUPPY & MOM since Lina got pregnant 🧡#nutrolinlife #nutrolin #nutrolinpuppy #bordercollie #bordercolliepuppies #bordercolliepentu #bordercollievalp @hullerombullerpack
Let's celebrate the fantastic milestone of Taimi and VeeJii turning one year old! 🥳 And we can't forget about the other six adorable puppies who are also flourishing in their forever homes around Finland.A huge shout out to their incredible mama, Lily, for doing such a great job in raising them.💚 Let's also give a little applause to breeders Anna-Liisa and Mikko 👏🏻.🎾Cheers to all the furry friends and their loving families! 🥩
STRONGER TOGETHER: OMEGA-3 FATTY ACIDS, VITAMIN E AND NUTRIENTS FOR BETTER JOINT HEALTH 💜Proactive support for joints💜 Protects bone and soft tissues.
💜 Maintains lubricating properties of joint fluid.
💜 Retains shock-absorbing qualities of cartilage.
💜 Supports multimodal treatment of joint problems.
💜 Improves quality of life.#nutrolinlife #nutrolinhorse #horsejointsupplement #horsehealthcare #horsehealthproducts
Aaand the fair is on! Erja and Jenni are at the stand all weekend to help you choose the right Nutrolin product for your horse. Or dog or cat or even for yourself since all the stock is at the booth ✨If your horse has benefitted from Nutrolin, we’d love to hear your story 💚#nutrolinlife #nutrolin #hevonen #hevosetmessut2024
Come shopping tomorrow at the Nutrolin booth in Hevoset-messut. You will find us near Bäkkäri-stage. All will be ready in the morning, promise 😊Nutrolin HORSE products are -30 % on sale! See you tomorrow 💚#nutrolinlife #nutrolin #hevosetmessut2024 #tampere

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